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Note! This theme has 2 identical rooms with a connecting jail. Perfect for competitive teams!

4-10 People per Room

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It's 1983 in the city of Bernalillo, New Mexico. The city has been hit with a recent string of burglaries, and federal officials are pushing to find the culprit, which leaves the county sheriff feeling the pressure to make an arrest.

Looking for a scapegoat, the sheriff falsely accuses one of your good friends of committing the crime under fabricated evidence. They have been taken to the holding cell in the sheriffs office.

You can't let your friend take the blame for something they didn't do, you must help them escape. The sheriff is about to leave for his lunch break, and will escort your friend to the state penitentiary upon his return.

You have one hour to pull off a jail break before the crooked sheriff returns. Go!