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It’s a dark and rainy evening in London. The year is 1940. The country is in the midst of World War 2. You have returned home from work to find an envelope pushed underneath your door. You open the envelope to find a hastily written letter. It reads…

        To my dearest Kin,
By the time you read this letter, I’m afraid it will already be too late for me. Enemy soldiers have caught wind of my latest discovery, the Lion’s stone. They are on their way to capture me and will be torturing me for its whereabouts as we speak. I will give them a false location to buy you some time, but it won’t be long before they discover its true hiding place. They MUST NOT get their hands on it! I have carefully hidden the stone in my study, behind many puzzles and clues. It will be no easy task to find the stone. This ancient relic is priceless, so I had to hide it well, but I know you will find it. You are my last hope. I’m counting on you!

    Sincerely your great uncle


You have 60 minutes to find the stone and escape the study before enemy soldiers arrive!

 The Lions Stone